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At Spencer’s Retail, we believe our relationship with supply partners is one of our core competitive assets. We are committed to creating successful business partnerships built on mutual trust, transparency, fair business practices and respect across our entire value chain. We strive to create a win-win situation for our customers and partners by combining our strengths and capabilities and developing micro-enterprise models.

From sourcing to distribution, we engage with varied business partners, jointly sharing insights, promoting brands, creating new products, expanding our capacity and developing new markets.  Our businesses create economic benefits for all our partners, including our suppliers and distributors.

To become one of our supply partners, fill in the form below detailing your business and contact information. If your profile and product offerings correspond to our needs, you will be contacted by a supply management representative.

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Spencer's offers a range of options to promote your brand inside the store. Our team can work with you to identify with innovative ways to increase the visibility of your offering and showcasing it to the 3 million+ customers visiting our stores every month.

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Property Owners

If you own or deal in property that satisfies the parameters given below, we'd like to know you! Please tell us something about yourself to enable us to explore this opportunity further.

  • Single plate, commercially approved property with relevant statutory compliances e.g. Fire NOC & Occupational Certificate availability.
  • Plate size more than 2500 square feet, in developed residential catchments.
  • On minimum 40 feet wide road for clear accessibility and traffic movement, with adequate 2 & 4 wheeler parking facility

Contact Spencer's Expansion Team if you have some other business proposal, click here to connect with us.