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Working at Spencer’s

At Spencer’s, we regard our employees as our greatest asset and therefore continuously strive to provide an environment that nurtures cooperation and productivity. We lay a lot of emphasis on developing and sustaining the right culture for open communication, continuous innovation and professional growth.

Our employee centric policies aim to build a culture of trust and achievement. Being an equal opportunity employer, we promote work life balance through a range of employee friendly policies. We recognize that our employees are responsible for our success; hence we listen to them to understand what they expect from us towards making Spencer’s a great place to work.

Spencer’s has a culture of self-driven passion to excel. It is a matter of pride that we have been able to grow exponentially over the last decade by providing our employees a conducive environment to grow and learn new skills.

Spencer’s has fostered an open working environment for all its employees by offering access to information across the board and by enabling them to contribute beyond the scope of their job requirements.

If you have what it takes to be a successful leader, then Spencer’s is where you ought to be.

Our Vision & Values

  • - Our Vision- Inclusive Growth fired by free- spirited Entrepreneurship
  • - Our Values
  • - Customer Happiness- Bring a smile on the face of your customer
  • - Credibility- Instill trust and confidence with your actions
  • - Humaneness- Be caring and respectful to all
  • - Execution Excellence- Put your heart and soul into your actions
  • - Speed- Move ahead of time
  • - Risk Taking- Dare to go beyond

Learning & Development

Our intent is to transform Spencer’s into a ‘Learning Organization’ where every employee is aware and in control of self-learning and development

Learning happens in 3 aspects - Experience, Exposure and Education and is aided through :

  • - Structured Training Programs
  • - Coaching and mentoring by supervisor or experts
  • - Social or ongoing learning through peers, unstructured experiences and self-initiatives.

New employees are welcomed and assimilated into the team through orientation programs focused at individual needs.

We also provide every employee with multiple learning opportunities as per individual needs to meet job requirements in functional as well as Soft Skills.


We believe in the philosophy having fun is productive & that’s why our employees love their work environment. They participate in planned monthly Fun Activities which enables them to think more clearly and creatively.