Ganesh Bajra Dalia/Pearl Millet - Protein Rich Helps In Weight Management 500 G

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A cereal meal called Ganesh Bajra Dalia is created from wheat groats that have been cracked and parboiled. Natural proteins, vitamins, and minerals are present. It is the ideal breakfast food. Your entire family will receive a nutritious dinner thanks to this. When cooked, it has a delicious, gritty flavour and a mildly nutty and chewy texture. This is frequently used to fill vegetables and prepare soups. There are no additional flavours or preservatives in it.

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Brand Ganesh
Features and Benifits
  • It is perfect for making dishes like upma, namkeen Dalia, salads, khichdi, pulao, etc.
  • Used to produce both savoury and sweet dishes in Indian and other cuisines.a
Country Of origin India
Ingredients Pearl Millet
Nutritional Value Energy: 378 calories Protein: 11g Carbs: 73g Fat: 4g
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