Sundrop Superlite Sunflower Oil Jar 3ltr

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Sundrop Superlite Advanced Oil is crafted for a unique cooking experience, reducing oil absorption for lighter, healthier meals. Through advanced refining, it retains Vitamin A and D, offering 25% of daily needs per serving. By using this oil, you provide nutritious meals that keep your family energized. It's the ideal choice for healthier cooking, promoting loved ones' well-being.

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Brand Sundrop
Features and Benifits
  • It takes care of upto 50% of daily requirement of Essential Vitamins A, D & E.
  • Vitamin A Helps against night blindness, essential for normal vision.
  • Vitamin D Supports strong bones.
  • Vitamin E is essential to build immunity and contributes to cell protection from free radical damage.
  • It is high in Unsaturated fats. It has EFA-Omega-6 which is important for body functions.
  • Healthy Oil which is sensorially light.
Nutritional Value
  • Energy: 900 calories
  • Protein: 0g
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Fat: 100g
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