Catch Sprinklers Black Salt 200 gm, Natural Flavour

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When it comes to catching sprinklers, using black salt can be an effective method to prevent and control unwanted pests like mosquitoes and ants in your yard. Black salt, known for its natural repellent properties, can be sprinkled around the affected areas to deter insects without harming the environment. Its abrasive texture and strong odor act as a barrier to keep pests at bay. This eco-friendly solution is a popular choice among professional pest control experts due to its non-toxic nature and efficiency. By strategically placing black salt near sprinklers, you can effectively maintain a pest-free outdoor space while keeping your landscape lush and green.

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Brand Catch
Features and Benifits
  • Ground kala namak is used to flavour fruit chats, other types of chats, fruits, curd, salads, and other dishes.
  • A high-quality product with minimal human intervention.
  • To use, simply sprinkle over your favourite recipes to enhance the flavour.
  • Catch Black Salt stays dry inside the HIPS container, allowing for easy sprinkling.
  • Tabel top dispenser makes it simple to store.
Ingredients Black Salt
Instructions Season any soup, salad, or fruit with a pinch of Catch Black Salt. When the rotator is not in use, keep it closed.
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