Safewash Fabric Conditioner Garden Bouquet Bottle 800Ml

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Safewash Fabric Conditioner after-wash helps to retain the newness of your clothes longer. It prevents them from fading while retaining their shine and softness. Safewash also neutralises the damage done by harsh detergents and hard water, filling your life with fragrance at the same time.

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Brand Safewash
Features and Benifits Ordinary conditioners tend to lose fragrance continuously in storage, reducing the impact when you actually wear your clothes. Safewash encloses fragrance in encapsulated crystals, which stay on the clothes even after rinsing and drying. Fragranace is rel
Instructions Handwash-Step 1-Pour 1 capful in half a bucket (10 litres) of water and stir gently. Step 2-Soak clothes already washed with detergent for 5-10 minutes in the bucket, squeeze them gently. Do not wring. Step 3-Take out the clothes and dry. Do not rinse clo
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