Chicken Premium Curry Cut & Cleaned 800gm - 1200gm

Fish & Meat
93% of 100
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MRP ₹300 ₹249 (17% OFF)


·         Chicken is free from Chemical residues & Hormones

·         No preservatives added.

·         They are also packed with vitamin B12 and protein that can keep your nervous system healthy and help in cell regeneration.

·         Zinc mineral is instrumental in boosting the production of white blood cells and T-cells. Thus consumption of this kind of meat can enhance your body’s defence mechanism against various infections. Moreover during the flu season when the possibilities of infections are high, it is always great to feast on a bowl of steamy chicken soup.

·         Retinol (an active form of Vitamin A) Vitamin B B3, Vitamin B9, Zinc, & Amino acids  etc. that also have some or the other role to play in immune functioning.

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