About Gift Card

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Spencer’s Gift Cards are unique gifting options that empower our customers with choice, utility and convenience. Now celebrate every moment with Spencer’s Gift Card that can be gifted to your friend, loved one or utilize it at your convenience. 

This exclusive prepaid cash instrument can be redeemed fully or partially till expiry. 

You can load it with any amount ranging from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 9,999/-.

Benefits :

Smart card
  • Easily portable and makes an elegant, new age gift
  • Compact, portable & stylishly packaged
  • Pre-loaded with value and useable
  • Can be used as per convenience 

Safer than a gift voucher
  • Perfect as a last minute gift.
  • Gift cards are fast replacing gift vouchers
  • Gift cards are also a lot more secure

Better than currency
  • It’s more thoughtful than gifting someone money.
  • Gift cards are a far more elegant, flexible 
  • Fully / Partially Redeemable across all Spencer’s stores pan India